Superior Coil Protection – An easily removable two-piece
steel extruded louver coil guard protects the tube-in-fin coil
from debris and physical damage while making access for
coil cleaning quick and simple.
Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant – The next generation
refrigerant R-410A delivers environmentally friendly performance
with zero ozone depletion.
Durable Finish – A high quality powder paint finish rated at
1000 hrs. salt spray provides the ultimate protection from
corrosion and harmful UV rays, ensuring a long-lasting, high
quality appearance.
QuietDrive™ System – Features a combination of engineered,
sound-neutralizing attributes such as a swept-wing
fan blade, composite base pan, multi-density compressor
cloak and two-speed compressor operation to reduce sound
levels to that of a mere conversation.
ECM Fan Motor – Dynamically adjusts speed in sync with
the outdoor temperature stage to keep heat exchange in balance
while minimizing power consumption and sound.
Swept Wing Fan – A design adapted from aerospace engineering
provides whisper-quiet operation by allowing air to
flow smoothly and efficiently across the fan surface and
Composite Base Pan – The strong and durable composite
base pan is corrosion resistant while adding strength,
absorbing sound, and reducing vibration.
High-Efficiency Outdoor Coil – An aluminum fin and copper
tube outdoor coil provide easy cleaning, low restriction to
airflow and efficient heat exchange.
Factory Installed Filter-Drier – A corrosion resistant copper,
solid core liquid line filter-drier removes debris and moisture
which can be harmful to the system.
Climate Set™ – provides pre-configured operating profiles
the installing contractor can select during set-up to fine tune
the system’s operation for either Humid, Dry, or Normal climates.
Additional fine-tune adjustments are always available
to provide a custom comfort solution. (Feature available
when a variable speed indoor air mover is utilized).
Easy Service Access – A large electrical box cover and a
swing open electrical box provide superior full corner access
to the inside of the unit for maintenance or service.
TXV Controls – All indoor coils, whether in the cased CF/
CM coil or in air handlers, may use dealer installed TXV’s or
indoor equipment with factory installed TXV’s.

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