The 13 SEER Series condensing unit is the outdoor part of a
versatile system of air conditioning. It is designed to be custommatched
with one of UPG’s complete line of evaporator sections,
with each serving a specific function. Matching Air Handlers are
available for upflow, downflow, or horizontal applications to provide
a complete system. Electric Heaters are available, if required.
Add-On coils are available for use with upflow, downflow,
or horizontal furnaces and air handlers.

  • • Performance- Efficiency levels from 13.0 SEER/11.0 EER
    with a loose coil up to 16.0 SEER/14.0 EER (some models)
    when coupled with an ECM indoor blower.
    • Small Footprint- Compact “slim-line” design allows for easy
    installation in tight spaces. Units can be stacked two-high
    with approved stacking kit.
    • QuietDrive™ System – The combination of a swept-wing
    fan, rigid base pan, isolated compressor compartment, and
    quiet scroll compressor reduce sound to as low as 70 dBA.
    • Low Operating Sound Levels- The swept-wing condenser
    fan in blow-through configuration provides for whisper-quiet
    operation by allowing air to flow smoothly and efficiently
    across the fan tips.
    • Quality Condenser Coils- The coil is constructed of aluminum
    microchannel tubing and enhanced aluminum fins for
    compact size and increased efficiency.
    • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant – The next generation
    refrigerant R-410A delivers environmentally friendly performance
    with zero ozone depletion.
    • Durable Finish – Heavy-gage steel cabinet and tubular base
    rails provide added support.
    • Aesthetic- Powder paint “Champagne” color provides an attractive
    retail finish.
    • Commercial Applications- The TCHD 3 Phase Series is also
    available in 208/230-3-60 and 460-3-60 voltages in the
    2½, 3, 4, & 5 ton models.
    • Other Features:
    – Factory supplied filter drier
    – High pressure switch, low pressure switch
    – Accumulator and crankcase heater in all sizes
    – Up to 200’ line set out of the box
    – Zero lot line – only 6” minimum clearance from structure

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