RC2 – Rigid Case Construction interior endoskeleton for structural support, flush side, and
locks in insulation.

Powder-painted – G30 galvanized steel case provide a coated edge that resists corrosion
and rust creep.

MaxAlloyTM Coil – Long life aluminum coils built to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and

Quality Construction – Structural components are made of Aluminum or G90 galvanized
steel to prevent corrosion.

Improved Insulation Design – Single piece with no external screws to reduce thermal
transmission paths to prevent sweating. Foil faced insulation for ease of cleaning.
Thermostatic Expansion Valve – Bolt-on TXV provides easy installation to convert the indoor
coil to the required refrigerant that does not require brazing to replace or install. Some models
are available with factory installed TXV.

Case Depth – These models have 20.5” casing which provide ease of attic access and tight

Thermoset Drain Pan – Positive slope for drainage to reduce cause for potential mold or contaminants.
Factory Sealed – Achieves 2% or less total airflow leakage rate at duct leakage test
conditions in positive and negative pressure for system airflow verification.

Enhanced Filter Rack – All models have integrated internal filter racks provided for use with
1” thick standard size filters.

Electric Heat Kits – 6HK series of field installed electric heat kits are available for installationfriendly
and easy service applications.

High Efficiency Blowers – All models use 5 speed standard ECM motor for efficient, quiet

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