Independent management of comfort zones

Since the needs vary from one floor to another, from one room to another, and even from one individual to another, the Fujitsu multi-zone systems allow to regulate the temperatures of each indoor unit in a way that independent, creating areas of perfect comfort throughout your home.

Simple installation

Easy to install, they do not require major renovations and are installed in less than a day.

Silent running

Fujitsu systems are up to 40% quieter than any other conventional central system.

High energy efficiency

Fujitsu multi-zone systems offer superior comfort and their advanced design gives them the title of real power savers.

Fujitsu equips its devices with inverter technology, which allows to modulate power levels as needed. It allows to quickly reach the desired temperature-50% faster than a system equipped with conventional technology-and then modulates its operation to maintain this constant temperature. This technology eliminates the energy consumption spikes due to successive reboots, and reduces the cost of electricity consumption significant.

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