SKU: 200694


Specially designed to meet the ventilation needs of consumers, this digital and modern wall control is compatible with most vänEE air exchangers and offers exceptional value for money.  It is easy to use with only 3 buttons and allows the user to select both manual modes or the automatic (dehumidistat) mode for his convenience.



  • Decora® format with 1”x 1” LCD display.
  • Blue backlight activated on touch of any button.
  • Displays interior relative humidity.
  • Maintenance indicator.
  • Animated exchange and recirculation indicators.

Operating Modes:

  • Minimum speed.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Intermittent 20 minutes/hour (minimum speed).
  • Recirculation.



  • Activate (or deactivate) the hygrometer and dehumidistat by pressing “OK” button.
  • In modes MIN, MAX, 20 MIN/H and RECIRC, the air exchange on high speed (no matter the actual mode) until the target RH (previously set) is achieved.



  • Set the maximum indoor relative humidity to start the dehumidistat temporarily.
  • Set the operating mode in intermittent mode (40 minutes OFF versus 40 minutes recirculation).

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