The most efficient heat pump on the market

CTEB Systems offer superior performance and are Energy STAR® qualified, which means significant energy savings.

These systems achieve unsurpassed performance surpassing even the highest efficiency standards, including a heating season performance coefficient (CPSC) of 14.0-the best in the industry.

  • 29.3 Very (12RLS3H)
  • Up to-26 °c
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Catechin Filter
  • Ionization deodorizing Filter
  • Sleep Timer/24h/Weekly
  • Dry Mode
  • Automatic Mode
  • Four-direction motorized shutters
  • Powerful operating Mode ~ Minimum Heat (10 °c)
  • Economy Mode
  • Energy Saving Program
  • Quiet Mode (indoor)
  • Low noise Mode (outside)
  • Auto restart
  • Automatic reversal
  • Low temperature operation
  • Remote Temperature Sensor *
  • Cold Air flow prevention
  • 3rd User Control +
    * Available only for remote control with wire and optional interface set.
    + Available only for the optional interface set. Operation monitoring and stop/start control only.

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